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Omega Juicer Parts Feet Ring Item #PFEET


Omega Juicer Part, Feet rubber, Item #PFEET

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Omega Juicer Parts – Feet Rubber – Black  Item #PFEET

Rubber feet ring is used to absorb vibration of the Juicer, preventing dancing of the machine on the counter.  Time and if the rubber feet sits in juice, makes the rubber feet hard, so it may be time for replacing them.


For many Juicers:  Omega Juicer 9000, Omega Juicer 1000, Omega juicer 500, Olympic Juicer, JUICE FACTORY, Juice Factory 2000, Acme 6001, Acme 5001, Moline 101, Titan Gold 101, Titan Gold 102, Waring commercial 5001C, 6001C, 5001CQ, 6001CQ

** On older machines the feet ring was red.  New color is black.  Red no longer available **

Omega Juicer Parts

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