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Onmipure Filter – CL10RO T40 Inline 10″ ¼ FNPT


Omnipure CL10ROT40 Inline Coconut Shell Carbon GAC – 10 x 2 ¼ FPT Filter To be used with water distillers or on Reverse Osmosis systems, water coolers, water filters.

Onmipure Filter – CL10RO T40 Inline 10″ ¼ FNPT

Omnipure CL10RO-T40 Inline Replacement Filter Cartridge. This inline filter uses coconut shell charcoal to reduce chlorine, taste and odor from your drinking water.

These filters install quickly and easily, and are commonly used for treating water for refrigerators / icemakers.  Can also be used as post filter on reverse osmosis filter.

 Omnipure CL10ROT40 Inline Coconut Shell Carbon GAC Filter  – 10 x 2, ¼ FNPT 

  •  Enhances taste and water purity
  • Contains Coconut Shell Charcoal
  • To be used along with any distiller to insure removal of certain gasses, VOC’s or obnoxious odours.

** CL10 RO T40 replaces the CL10 RO T33 and K2533 filters. The Omnipure CL10ROT40 is available without fittings and has 1/4″ female threaded inlet & outlet ports or select the option with other fitting sizes, or if you require 1/4″ push in quick connect tubing fittings.

This simple but dependable inline filter for a variety of uses including ice machines, water coolers, drinking fountains, as well as under-the-sink applications and as components in reverse osmosis systems. You will find this filter in virtually any situation where better tasting water is important.

  • Coconut Shell Granular Activated Carbon
  • Chlorine, Taste & odor reduction
  • Specifically designed for RO or distillation units
  • Inline water filter for residential ice-makers, refrigerators and low volume single pot coffee brewers with flow rates up to 0.75 gpm. Contains coconut shell GAC for enhanced chlorine taste and odor reduction

Service Life: 1 year or 1500 gallons.

Note: Do not use with water that is microbiologically unsafe or of unknown quality without disinfection before or after the unit.   Install in cold water applications only.

General Installation / Operation / Maintenance Requirements

  • Note flow direction of filter.
  • For quick connect fittings, push scratch free tube end into the fitting until it bottoms. Threaded fittings must be wrapped with PTFE tape before installation. Install PTFE taped fittings and tighten firm. Use two wrenches to firmly tighten tubing.
  • Flush new cartridge with 5 gallons of water prior to use and check for leaks. If leaks occur, check tightness of tubing and fittings. If leaks persist, discontinue use and call your supporting dealer.
  • Replace cartridge when rated capacity (1,500 gallons) is reached, or when flow becomes too slow.
  • Install in compliance with state and local laws and regulations.

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