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Oxygen Prescription – Nathaniel Altman


The New Oxygen Prescription  – The Miracle of Oxidative Therapies. A guide to the latest research in oxygen therapies and their use on the path to optimum health. by Nathaniel Altman

The New Oxygen Prescription  – The Miracle of Oxidative Therapies

A guide to the latest research in oxygen therapies and their use on the path to optimum health

by Nathaniel Altman 494 pages Published: 13th June 2017

• Presents new clinical advancements and scientific findings from Cuba, Italy, Spain, Russia, China, and the United States

• Explores the effectiveness of oxidative therapies for treating many conditions, including heart disease, cancer, HIV, hepatitis, diabetes, MS, macular degeneration, herniated discs, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, Crohn’s, candida, emphysema, and eczema

• Includes new research on oxidative therapies in veterinary medicine and dentistry, including its success in treating cavities and preventing infection

Scientists now agree that most disease states are caused by oxygen starvation at a cellular level. Polluted air, devitalized foods, and poor breathing habits can all lead to chronic oxygen deficiency, a bodily environment in which toxins thrive as the overall immune response is weakened. Through oxidative therapies–the medical use of ozone (O3) or hydrogen peroxide (H2O2)–we can assist the body in generating the oxygen needed to oxidate viruses and bacteria as well as weak and sick tissue cells, so stronger and healthier cells can take their place.

Presenting the latest advancements and clinical findings from Cuba, Italy, Spain, China, Russia, and the United States, as well as recommendations from the International Scientific Committee of Ozone Therapy (ISCO3), Nathaniel Altman explores the effectiveness of oxidative therapies for treating a wide range of conditions, including heart disease, herpes, HIV, diabetes, candida, tonsillitis, macular degeneration, herniated discs, burns, and arthritis. He shows how Cuban and Russian physicians have been successfully treating patients with heart disease with ozone therapy for decades and explains how ozone interacts with cells when introduced into the bloodstream, stimulating the body’s own ability to fight cancer, osteoporosis, and hepatitis. He investigates promising new studies on the use of ozone and hydrogen peroxide therapies to treat Alzheimer’s, Crohn’s, multiple sclerosis, emphysema, eczema, and sepsis and the potential for these therapies to successfully treat new diseases such as Ebola and Zika.

The author also explores the expanding use of oxidative therapies in veterinary medicine and dentistry, including their success in treating cavities and preventing infection. Providing a detailed resource section, he explains how to combine oxidative therapies with holistic methods, such as fasting, detox therapies, herbal medicine, and nutritional healing, for a stronger start on the path to optimum health.

“The simplest remedies are often the most effective. How could air not be one of them? Thanks to Nathaniel Altman’s excellent book, you can learn about the full range of oxygen’s healing therapies–from deep breathing to ozone therapy–and their effectiveness in bringing you back to health.” * Christopher Vasey, N.D., author of The Acid-Alkaline Diet for Optimum Health *
“Altman’s book offers a responsible, balanced, and broad view of how we should live and care about our health and the valuable uses of oxidative therapies in treating health concerns.” * Velio BocciI, M.D., author of Oxygen-Ozone Therapy * 

Table of Contents: Foreword to the Third Edition by Velio Bocci, M.D. Preface to the Fourth Edition Acknowledgments Introduction Part one Foundations 1 Foundations of Oxidative Therapies 2 What Are Oxidative Therapies? 3 Ozone: Properties and Uses 4 Ozone in Medicine 5 How Is Ozone Therapy Applied? 6 Hydrogen Peroxide 7 Hydrogen Peroxide in Medicine 8 How Is Hydrogen Peroxide Administered? 9 Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and Oxygen Multistep Therapy Part two Oxidative Therapies in Medicine 10 Cardiovascular Diseases 11 Cancer 12 IV/AIDS 13 Infectious Diseases 14 Musculoskeletal Problems 15 Neurodegenerative Disorders 16 Diabetes 17 Gynecology and Obstetrics 18 Lung and Bronchial Diseases 19 Diseases of the Skin 20 Eye Diseases 21 Diseases of the Ear 22 Other Health Problems 23 Accidents, Injuries, and Wound Healing 24 Athletic Performance, Preventive Health, and Healthy Aging 25 Dentistry 26 Veterinary MedicinePart three A Holistic Protocol 27 Body Cleansing 28 An Oxygenation Diet 29 Nutritional Supplements and Healing Herbs 30 Exercise and Breathing: Oxygenation and Oxidation 31 Emotions, Mind, and Spirit Conclusion The Future of Oxygen Therapies Appendix 1 Oxygen Products, Services, and Applications Appendix 2 Resources Notes Index


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