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Rainstick Shaker – Medium 16″ Dark #31165

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Rainstick Medium 16 inch Dark #31165

Rainstick Medium 16″- Dark #31165

Rain stick – shaker has been used for centuries by shamans in ceremonies as a means to break up or remove stuck/stagnant energy in the body. It can also be used to clear negative energy attachments as well. The Native Americans have used rain sticks to entice the rain gods to bring rain.

DESCRIPTION: This Dot Painted Rain Stick is 16 inches long. Diameter and design may vary. no  are the same!!

  • Rain sticks may be made of different material, from bamboo and rattan, stones, seeds and shells.
  • The sound created by the moving particles is like falling water.
  • Myth has it that ceremonies using these sticks will bring rain. Rain stick do bring a fascination and an atmosphere of relaxation.
  • They can be used as ritual or meditation tools.
  • Rainsticks are made from various material including bamboo and rattan which have been painted/stained in a light or dark rich colors.


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