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Shark Liver Oil 120 caps – Bell Lifestyle Prod #51c


Bell #51c Shark Liver Oil. Helps Maintain Immune Activity to Prevent Colds and Flus. Strengthens the immune system.

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Shark Liver Oil 120 caps – Bell Lifestyle Prod #51c

Shark Liver Oil by Bell Lifestyle Products Helps Maintain Immune Function. Beneficial for colds and flu.


  • Supports vigorous immune activity.
  • Sustains healthy immunity with a high content of alkylglycerols (25%-27% AKG)
  • Energizes your body due to squalene’s role in helping your body access and use energy reserves more effectively.
  • Relieves minor aches and pains, keeping joints moving comfortably.
  • Supports healthy cell growth regulation and cleanses the body.
  • Antioxidant rich with a good supply of squalene and Omega-3 fatty acids to strengthen immune system

While it’s taken researchers some time to start looking into squalene and shark liver oil’s other special components for their health benefits, northern folks have long depended on it. In Norway and Sweden, shark liver oil has been a staple for making it through the harsh winters. Also, in Japan and China, shark liver oil has long held a special place in traditional healing.

You too can also experience its powerful affects for yourself without any risk. There are no side effects from using Bell Shark Liver Oil. See for yourself how the AKGs and squalene in Bell Shark Liver Oil can help you battle winter’s harsh conditions.

  • Ingredients: Shark liver oil {25%-27% AKG (Alkylglycerols)} (with naturally occurring squalene and omega 3 fatty acids) 500 mg.
  • Suggested Use: Take 1 capsule, twice daily


Shark Liver Oil is amazing. The store staff recommended it and I read all the information on the box. Not one cold or flu for 2 years. Even my blood pressure is under control. I feel like a new person. Ingrid Norberg, 62, Winnipeg, MB

Ingrid Norberg, 62, Winnipeg, MB

After sinus surgery had pain and needed constant painkillers!
Had sinus problems for 25 years. After sinus surgery 5 years ago I needed constant painkillers and antibiotics. After taking Bell Shark Liver Oil Capsules #51 within 3-5 days I had no more pain, pressure etc.

James Carey, 62, Belvidere, IL

Dermatitis and itch between legs and lower back gone with Bell Shark Liver Oil!
For almost a year I had chronic itchy raw painful rash in the most sensitive female body area. I saw 3 different doctors and they didn’t know the cause. Doctor’s prescribed, topical creams and home remedies that didn’t help. I decided to take my health in my own hands and tried Bell Shark Liver Oil #51. It gave me immediate complete relief inexpensively and with no side effects. Thank you!

Kathy Hester, 50, Oceanside, CA

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