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Shungite Bracelet Oval Stretch

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Shungite Bracelet Oval Stretch. Shungite Protection, Healing and Detoxification. Since antiquity people have adorned themselves with gemstones for inspiration and protection.


Shungite Bracelet Oval Stretch #BB084

Shungite Protection, Healing and Detoxification.

Shungite Gemstone Bracelet – Stretch, Polished Oval Beads 15 x 20 mm = Length aprox 7″

DESCRIPTION: Since antiquity people have adorned themselves with gemstones for inspiration and protection.

Our single strand bracelet made from labradorite will add color and meaning to any outfit. For added appeal mix and match bracelets to create dozens of looks. The bracelet’s stretchy design ensures a comfortable fit for most.

SYMBOL: Shungite is black in color, and said to be almost pure carbon. It is found in the Karelia region of Russia, near the village of Shunga. Shungite works to cleanse and align all the particles of the body, so that they are open to the rapid conjoining with the Light. Shungite aids ungrounded people to better connect with the Earth. It provides an aura of psychic protection and is a stone of truth. It dispels negativity and brings spiritual Light. On an emotional level, it is excellent for letting go of deep-seated feelings of fear, guilt or shame. It is also said to shield harmful electromagnetic radiation of any origin like computers, mobile phones and others.

Please note: Due to the Carbon nature of Shungite, there may be a slight black residue that comes off this item, when this item is new.

To find out more Read the book: “Shungite, Protection, Healing, and Detoxification” by Regina Martino

  • Stone of Purification—Stone of Life
  • Ancient healing stone
  • Natural EMF protection
  • Relief from stress, anxiety & Insomnia
  • For boosting overall health and energy
  • Powerful protection, healing, detoxifying

Find out more about Gemstones – Properties and the Uses of Gemstones – Check the following books: The Complete Crystal Handbook by Cassandra Eason andCrystal Chakra Healing by Philip Permutt.



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