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The Complete Crystal Handbook


The Complete Crystal Handbook, Your Guide to More than 500 Crystals. by Cassandra Eason

The Complete Crystal Handbook

Your Guide to More than 500 Crystals

by Cassandra Eason


Comprehensive and stunningly illustrated, this essential reference celebrates the beauty and healing potential of 500 crystals and gems.

Step-by-step instructions cover divination, spiritual development, and personal empowerment-everything from headache relief to finding love and improving family relationships to warding off workplace bullying. A table on each page informs readers of essential facts on each stone, and there”s advice on usage, cleaning, and care.

Practitioners of holistic medicine who prefer the benefits of a natural, noninvasive healing method will find everything they need to know in this lovely guide.

Tap into the power of Crystals for Every Purpose

Beautiful, healing, fascination… crystals have held the world enthralled since ancient times. Now you can learn about 500 of these remarkable stones in this comprehensive, accessible book.  It features common, rare, and recently discovered crystals, each one illustrated with full-color photograph.  Several metals, fossils, and gems as well as all the major birth and zodiac stones are also included.

Explore healing and crystals, from auras to meditation.  Find out how the stones can help enhance your life, wheather you’re looking for love or are planning travel.  Wondering what the future might bring?  Try crystal tarot or casting spells with talismans and amulets.  From advice on choosing and cleansing your stones to extensive directory.  The Complete Cryatal Handbook is as interesting to read as it is informative.


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