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Shungite Sphere 30 mm

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Sphere Shungite 30mm #SHP3M. Shungite is a stone of rejuvenation. Shungite is sometimes called the “Stone of Life” due to it’s healing and antibacterial properties. Spheres uses include: Healing, Cleansing, Rituals, Decoration. The Sphere symbolizes wholeness.

Shungite Sphere 30mm #SPH3M

Shungite – Protection, Healing, and Detoxification. 30mm shungite Sphere, each one is unique and from Karelia Russia. Shungite is a Natural Healing Stone, EMF Radiation Protection, Chakra Balancing.  Spheres radiate energy in all directions at the same time, and have the ability to move energy through time. These spheres are great energy tools to use during meditations

Shungite is a stone of rejuvenation. Shungite is sometimes called the “Stone of Life” due to it’s healing and antibacterial properties. Shungite is an one of the strongest mineral healers.

DESCRIPTION: 30 mm Shungite Sphere. Each beautiful sphere is made from semi-precious shungite stone. Sphere sizes and shapes may vary slightly as it is made by hand. Please note: Due to the Carbon nature of Shungite, there may be a slight black residue that comes off this item. Shungite is a hard-working, no-nonsense mineral.

  • Spheres
  • Some of their uses include: Healing, Cleansing, Rituals, Decoration. The Sphere symbolizes wholeness.
  • The sphere as a shape is an ancient and universal symbol that represents unity, completeness, infinity – the whole universe
  • Energy direction a ball emits energy in all directions equally. These make a useful tool to perceive a complete picture (of self or situations) – moving energy around and through the entire environment.
  • Shungite is a rare, carbon-based, noncrystalline rock that comes from the Karelia area of Russia, in a village called Shun’ga, from where it got its name. This unique, black mineral may have dated as far back as two billion years ago. It contains fullerenes, which are molecules composed almost entirely of carbon
  • Shungite, which looks similar to coal, has the ability of conducting electromagnetic and geothermal energy, and yet absorbs and shields the body from electromagnetic emissions such as those caused by computers, microwaves, Wi-Fi and the like. Shungite can also absorb negative energy and remove it from a person or even an entire space. It will replace stress and negative emotions into positive energy, while at the same time keeping the user grounded and protected
  • Not only does Shungite remove negativity, but will also rid the body of pollutants, bacteria, viruses and free radicals. Use Shungite to detoxify the body, bolster the immune system and relieve pain and inflammation. It can ease headaches and insomnia. Shungite helps with a variety of issues and ailments, from asthma and arthritis to chronic fatigue syndrome, pancreatic conditions and cardiovascular disease
  • Shungite works to cleanse and align all the particles of the body, so that they are open to the rapid conjoining with the Light. Shungite aids ungrounded people to better connect with the Earth. It provides an aura of psychic protection and is a stone of truth. It dispels negativity and brings spiritual Light. On an emotional level, it is excellent for letting go of deep-seated feelings of fear, guilt or shame. It is also said to shield harmful electromagnetic radiation of any origin like computers, mobile phones and others.
  • Here are a few recommended ways to use your Shungite Sphere:
    Place a Sphere in places where you spend a lot of time during the day (near the bed, on your desk in your office, in your sacred space etc)
    Place a Sphere near all devices that are sources of various types of radiation—such as your television, computer, microwaves, radio receivers, wi-fi hot spots etc. to neutralize any EMFs.
    Placing a shungite Sphere in your office is said to increase the work performance and productivity of the people present around them. It creates a field around itself, which improves favorable nervous and emotional conditions to positively effect emotions and moods within the office.
    Energy field (EF) radius in meters/feet for the different pyramid sizes:
    3 cm unpolished Shungite pyramid EF = 1.6 m or 5.4 ft  (=  30 mm x 30 mm)
    7 cm unpolished Shungite pyramid EF = 4.5 m or 15 ft
    8 cm unpolished Shungite pyramid EF = 6.5 m or 21 ft
    10 cm unpolished Shungite pyramid EF = 10 m or 32 ft

To find out more Read the book: “Shungite, Protection, Healing, and Detoxification” by Regina Martino

  • Stone of Purification—Stone of Life
  • Ancient healing stone
  • Natural EMF protection
  • Relief from stress, anxiety & Insomnia
  • For boosting overall health and energy
  • Powerful protection, healing, detoxifying

Find out more about Gemstones – Properties and the Uses of Gemstones – Check the following books: The Complete Crystal Handbook by Cassandra Eason andCrystal Chakra Healing by Philip Permutt.




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