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Smudge – White Sage Pieces 30 gm


Native Americans have used these sacred herbs in ceremonies, for cleansing and sending out prayers. This sage is made of 100% natural aromatic botanicals.

Smudge – White Sage Pieces 30 gm

White Sage – Smudges & Herbs have used in Ceremonies, to purify spaces and to send out  prayers.        

DESCRIPTION: This white sage is made 100% natural aromatic, grown in USA. Wild crafted in an ethically & sustainable way. Ingredients:  California White Sage ( Salvia Apiana )

SYMBOL: Used to cleanse, protect or heal, the herbs in the smudge have beneficial properties and help reconnecting with the power of our Mother Earth.


Place white sage on an a charcoal tablet or place a small amount of  sage into a fireproof bowl or shell.  With a match ignite. Once a flame is established, gently blow out the flame, sage should continue smothering with no visible flame. Proceed with smudging.  To extinguish, cover with fireproof lid.


  • Exercise caution with placement, handling, and disposal of burnt—used sage.
  • Always extinguish blend completely.
  • Do not leave a burning blend unattended.
  • Keep out of Reach of Children.
  • Not intended for Human Consumption.

Size 30 gm – Product piece size and package label may change depending on supplier.


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