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Sprout Bag Sproutman’s


Sproutman’s® Sprout Bag, Sprout Grains & Beans without a Jar!

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Sproutman’s® Sprout Bag

Sprout Grains & Beans without a Jar!

People often assume sprouts are best grown in jars.


After guiding tens of thousands of sprouters over the years and all over the world, I can tell you that jars are the number #1 cause of most people’s sprouting and mold problems. Let’s face it, jars were never intended to be a gardening tool. And although some “green thumb” types can have success, it is limited only to a few basic varieties. You need a garden of greens not a headache. And that’s easy as long as you use the right tools.

Ready in only 3-5 days. If you can dip a tea bog you can grow sprouts.

Made from 100% pure hemp fabric.

Wont mold, mildew, or shrink.

Great for grains and beans:  green pea, mung, lentil, soy, wheat, alfalfa, hulled sunflower, radish, garbanzo, fenugreek, clover, chia, arugula…more….


Summary of Instructions

  1. Soak your seeds in pure water overnight.
  2. Pour soaked seeds into sterilized bag.
  3. Rinse twice per day by immersing in pure water.
  4. Hang on hook or knob or lay in bowl or dish rack.

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