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Statue Reflective Buddha #33616

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Statue Reflective Buddha #33616

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Statue Reflective Buddha #33616



DESCRIPTION: Our beautiful black volcanic stone Buddha is depicted seated in a reflective pose, with his hands draped over his bent knee and his head resting on his hands. Volcanic stone statues can be used outdoors.

Handcrafted in Bali. Art has been part of the culture of Bali for centuries. Because of their religious belief they have tried to reproduce the beauty of creation that in turn they were offering to the Gods. The Spirit of Bali is brought to you through these pieces of art.

SYMBOL: For Buddha, life is to be lived on Earth, not in Heaven… and Nirvana is not a place, but a state of mind in which one is released from fear and desire, living in love and compassion here on Earth.



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