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Tranquility Champa Concentrated Fragrance Oil – 15 ml


Tranquility Champa Concentrated Fragrance Oil – 15 m. Let the tranquil scent of this oil bring your mind to peace so that you are ready for meditation or sleep.

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Tranquility Champa Concentrated Fragrance Oil – 15 ml

Tranquility Champa, this scent promotes peace and tranquility, bringing your mind to peace so that you are ready for meditation or sleep. This is the ultimate blend to help bring ease to the mind and let go of any stress or anxiety.

Nag Champa is a wonderful aid to relaxation/meditation/concentration/stress. May be used as a general magickal incense. Its heavenly blend of florals and Sandalwood stimulate spiritual awareness, while helping keep you grounded. Champa is a powerful deodorizer.

CHAMPA: Is the most popular and recognizable incense fragrance throughout the world. Why is Nag Champa so popular? The evergreen plant from which the champa flower emanates is considered sacred in India where it fervently blooms. Revered for its calming powers, nag champa is used in temples and other places of worship. Its aroma lingers as does its desired effects. Champa is an incense containing a fragrance combining plumeria/champa flower, frankincense & myrrh.

Fragrance oils are made from concentrated perfume with essential oils & natural botanical extracts. Blended for pleasant scents. Fragrance oils are suitable for oil burners, pot-pourri, wax melts, soap , bath salt, home made perfumes, candle making and other home fragrance products.

Fragrance oils can be

  • This is a fragrance oil, not an essential oil. This means it is premixed with a carrier oil so you can apply it directly to your skin as a perfume.
  • Used as an alternative to incense
  • Used in a ceramic oil burner, Ultrasonic Diffuser… You can use it in a diffuser, just be sure to clean out your diffuser once and a while to avoid build-up of residue.
  • Used to scent your environment and create a calming, peaceful atmosphere
  • Generally used in makeup, soap making, lotions, bath products (not lips), and candles
  • Do Not Consume or use directly on the skin, Avoid contact with eyes, open flame. Oil may damage furniture, fabric or plastics
  • Ideal for use in diffusers, vaporizers or humidifiers, allergen-free alternative to candles or incense
  • Great For: Rooms, Meditation, Kitchen, Garage, Bathrooms, or Yoga
  • 100% all natural ingredients
  • Produced without animal testing, and no alcohol, dyes or harmful chemicals are used. Made in Canada.


Fragrance Oils VS Essential Oils

Fragrance Oils are made from concentrated perfume with essential oils & natural botanical extracts. Positive side of fragrance oils is the consistency and lower cost. Often used by soap and candle makers to enhance the smell of their product.

Essential Oils are pure extracts derived from natural sources such as plants. They are characterized as therapeutic and are widely used in aromatherapy. Because of the essential oil extraction process and the large amount of plants required to extract enough essential oil from, they are typically more expensive.  Essential oils can be trickier to work with… in candles etc. due to quicker dissipation and not being chemically formulated to stabilize. Essential oils can also vary depending on the environmental factors and extraction process, making it difficult to generate a consistent scent.

1) Create your own air freshener.  Add a few drops of fragrance oils to a plastic spray bottle, then fill with water. Shake the bottle well to mix the oil into the water. You can then spray 2-3 times into the air to spread the scent into any room. ** Be careful not to spray into the eyes of any people or pets.
The spray should come out in a fine mist, not a sharp stream. The water is simply a carrier for the oil.
2) Add fragrance oils to baking soda for carpet cleaner. Take a new container (1 lb) of baking soda and add a few drops of your favorite fragrance oil. Mix the oil in well, and allow to soak for 24 hours. You can now shake this mixture onto your carpet for a carpet cleaner. Shake lightly across the full area of the carpet you intend to clean. Allow the mixture to sit in the carpet fibers for 30-60 minutes, then vacuum. **You can substitute corn starch for baking soda.
Apply to a small area of carpet if you’re not sure how your carpet will react to the mixture. Most carpets will be fine.
3) Use fragrance oils in an oil burner. An oil burner is an ancient method of scenting a room. To use an oil burner, find an oil you like. Place 3-5 drops of the oil together with some water into the top of an oil burner until it’s 1/2-3/4 of the way full. Place the burner in a safe location, away from children, pets or burning hazards. Light the candle at the base of the burner. The oil/water mixture will start to heat and evaporate, scenting the room.

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