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Water Purification System Vectapure 360 3 stage UF


Waterite’s Vectapure 360 Triple Ultrafiltration Drinking Water System. With color coded, quick and easy change filters. Vectapure by Waterite available in Edmonton.

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Waterite’s Vectapure 360 Triple Ultrafiltration Drinking Water system  #V3603UF

Ideally suited for residential and commercial food service and beverage machine applications.

Vectapure 360 series of filtration products is an advance technology class of its own. 

The V360 UF or Ultra Filtration System is a compact, environmentally friendly, under the sink residential or office drinking water system. It combines the ease of quick-change colour coded cartridges, while removing cysts, bacteria, and viruses from your water.

One of the great benefits of this system is that its Eco-friendly as it produces no waste water.

Each system includes all the installation hardware required for easy installation. Pure, refreshing drinking water is always at your fingertips.

 They are a quality alternative to other filters, combining precise filtration and value to protect vital equipment and to keep home and business operating costs low. Perfect for coffee and espresso machines, ice makers, juice machines or other appliances that are supplied from a tap water source.

Effortless quarter turn filter colour coded cartridges that change in seconds without the need to turn off the water supply! 

Each cartridge is colour coded for easy and trouble free selection and installation. Cartridges range from sediment reduction, taste and odour reduction, chlorine reduction and a .01 micron ultrafiltration membrane.

Environmentally friendly.

Constant supply—Zero Waste—

Space saving—no tank is required.

Included:  Both filters pre-installed in their mounting heads and bracket, Stylish tap, and all hardware, tubing to finish the easy installation.

1) Blue – Sediment Filter: Dirt and particle reduction 5 micron, Service life 3-6 months— Part #V360112PP-05
2) Green – Carbon Block: Taste, odour, chlorine reduction 5 micron, Service life 3-6 months : Part #V360212CC-05
3) Violet – Hollow Fiber Ultrafiltration Membrane: UF or Ultra Filtration to .01 micron, removing cysts, bacteria, viruses as well as chemicals, turbidity and heavy metals. Service life 1 year—Part #V360312UF-00

What tools will I need to install the system?

Pencil—Philips screw driver—sharp knife or box cutter—cordless or electric hand drill—7/16″ or 1/2″ drill bit—Optional: small level & tape measure—Estimated install time is one hour.

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