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AIC-10C pH Increasing – Calcite/Carbon Filter 2×10″


Waterite AIC-10C pH Increasing – Calcite/Carbon inline Filter 2×10″

Waterite AIC-10C pH Increasing – Calcite/Carbon Filter 2×10″

This cartridge raises the pH and remineralizes the water. Mostly used for beverage equipment, reverse osmosis systems, drinking fountains, water coolers, ice machines, refrigerators, coffee makers and point of use applications.

Part #AIC-10C

Brand/Manufacturer: Aqua Cleanze, Vectapure, Excelpure by Waterite

10″ Inline pH Increasing Calcite & Carbon GAC Filter Cartridge

  • Maximum Flow: 0.8 GPM (3 L/min.)
  • Maximum Pressure: 30 to 100 PSI
  • Maximum Temperature: 100°F. (38°C.)
  • Service Life: 1500 gallons (5678 L) (varies with incoming water conditions)
  • Connections: 1/4″ FNPT (female normal pipe threads) on both ends
  • Part Number: AIC-10C

Fittings are available if needed: use 1/4″ or 3/8″ Tubing – 1/4nptf x 1/4″ Tube, 1/4nptf x 3/8″ Tube,  Push Style, EZ, John Guest, DMFit type fittings. These fittings are very durable and are meant to be re-used many times before replacing.




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