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Black Tourmaline Meditation Charger Set


Black Tourmaline polished cylinder set. Harmonizer Rods, are known as healing rods.  Often used during Meditation.

Black Tourmaline Meditation Charger Set Harmoina 63153

Black Tourmaline polished cylinder set. Harmonizer Rods, are known as healing rods.  Often used during Meditation. Harmonizers are cylinder-shaped crystals designed to focus and magnetize the powerful energy of a stone. By holding a cylinder in each hand, you can increase your vibrational level and, through meditation, attain higher forms of information. Harmonizers are typically used in meditation to balance, recharge, and restore energy of the body. One crystal can be used as Yin, or moon, energy in the left hand and the other can be placed as Yang, or sun, energy, in the left hand.

Healing rods, or harmonizers, are one of the best tools available for meditation and spiritual healing. These rods are based on the ancient Egyptian healing rods that balance energy flow and bring the body into harmony (both physically and energetically). Realign your chakras and experience deep meditative states.

PROPERTIES: Tourmaline protects from negative energies, improves blood circulation, strengthens the immune system, prevents digestive system disorders, accompanies self-confidence, and reduces skin problems. It removes sadness and limits depressions. It is used to stabilize the chakras and remove blockages. Its pyroelectric virtues decrease the negative effects of electromagnetic waves.

Black Tourmaline is a stone known for its extremely powerful protective energies and its ability to cleanse any space. It can shield and transmute all negative energies from ones auric field and can also align and revitalize all of the chakras leaving one feeling grounded and purified.
Meditating with Black Tourmaline can keep ones auric field clear of imbalance while purifying the body of any toxins, environmental pollutants and heavy metals we may be exposed to. It can help break patterns of obsessive behaviors and can relieve anxiety and soothes panic attacks. Black Tourmaline is believed to deflect and shield against unwanted or dark energies and is especially good for sensitive psychic people.

 Set includes a pair of Black Tourmaline Cylinders    Size: 1.5″ x 4″ high

To Use:

The following is simply a suggestion of how you may use your harmonizer set. You may also be intuitively guided to try alternate ways after you begin using them. Sit comfortably with your legs uncrossed. Hold one rod in the left hand and the other rod in the right hand. Hold the rods upright upon your thighs. Close your eyes, breathe deeply yet gently and relax and enjoy this quite time of stillness. Let any thoughts float away. Noticing the gentle sound of your breath can help you to bring calm and stillness to the mind. Use the harmonizers for just a few minutes. the first couple times, and you can increase the time up to about fifteen minutes if comfortable. Experiment with it and follow what works best for you. After each self-treatment, drink a glass of water and relax as needed.


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