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Bottle Cap 55mm No Spill Plug Silicone oring Blue – 250 caps


 Bottle Cap No Spill Plug Silicone Oring Seal – Blue – Case = 250 caps (55mm bottle neck)

Bottle Cap 55mm No Spill Plug Silicone oring Blue – 250 caps

Replacement bottle caps for your home or office, fits most water cooler type bottles / water dispenser jugs.

Snap-On Caps fit standard, non-threaded, non-screw top water bottles. When you have finished with the jug and are ready to reuse it, it is easy to tear off the lid from the bottle and put on a new no-spill bottle cap.

BOTTLE CAPS: quantity 250

Fits many bottles with crown type bottle neck size of 55mm  – 3 Gallon (12L), 15 L, 5 Gallon Bottle (19L)

Caps are made of food grade PE material, and good sealing performance.

  • 55mm
  • Resealing cap – no spill plug
  • Silicone inner Liner  – “O” ring liner inside of it.
  • Non stick label
  • Blue is stock color (other colors by special order or due to supply issues – Blue, Natural, Green, Red)


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