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Crystal Prism Suncatcher Chakra Stones


Crystal Prism Suncatcher with Chakra stones. Reflect rainbows.

Crystal Prism Suncatcher Chakra Stones

The Chakra Crystal Prism Suncatcher catches the sun’s light, reflects rainbows and balances your chakras with this crystal prism suncatcher with semi-precious stones.

  • Beautiful and sparkling. Creates Rainbow lovely light refraction all round the room.
  • Material: Crystal , Sparkly , 100% crystal glass, Not acrylic
  • Great Idea for Accents, Ornaments, Suncatchers, Party Decoration, Weddings & Christmas Tree Hanging Ornaments
  • Great Festival Gifts

Chakra Crystals

  • Crown: Amethyst (inspire insight).
  • Third Eye: Sodalite (enhance intuition).
  • Throat: Blue Howlite (encourage expression).
  • Heart: Rose Quartz (radiate love).
  • Solar Plexus: Yellow Aventurine (awaken ambition).
  • Sacral: Orange Calcite (enhance the will).
  • Root: Black Onyx (connect to the earth).

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