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Distiller Trouble Shooting Guide


Trouble Shooting Guide – for Water Distillers

Trouble Shooting Guide – for Water Distillers


Problem >>  Water Tastes “funny”. …..   Causes:

1.Storage container needs to be cleaned or changes—especially if distilled water is drawn from distiller and stored in a fridge.

2.Boiling Tank is badly scaled with impurities—see section on Maintenance, Cleaning.

3.Auto-Drain has malfunctioned. Check Boiling tank for scale build up—see section on Maintenance, Cleaning.

4.Boiling Tank has overfilled: Open Boiler Tank and observe that Boiler water level is below water gauge. If water level is to top of Boiler, Boiler Float mechanism has failed and un-distilled water has flowed into Holding Tank.

5.If water is spilling out onto the floor, and Boiler Tank is also overfilled, the Water Solenoid is defective and needs replacement.

6.Boiling tank may have been overfilled during cleaning, or cleaning procedure was not completed. This can allow dissolved solids to pass through the Condenser and into the Holding Tank. Drain the Holding Tank, rinse, and follow the Sterilization procedure in the section on Maintenance.

Problem >> Boiling tank will not fill with water automatically. ….. Causes:

1.Water Fill switch is turned to MANUAL or Power switch is OFF>

2.The Saddle Valve is turned off.

3.Check for kinks in the Direct Feed Line.

4.Float inside the Boiling Tank may be stuck.

5.If the Distiller is buzzing (calling for water) then the water supply is plugged. Turn off the water (saddle valve) and disconnect Direct Feed Line form Distiller. Momentarily turn on water—if water flows out of Direct Feed Line problem is in Distiller. If no water flows, attempt to clear saddle valve by closing completely and reopening.

6.Ensure water feed opening inside boiler is not scaled over.

Problem >> Boiling Tank is getting water but not filling or holding water & Distiller has Auto-Drain installed. ….. Causes:

1.Solenoid Drain Valve is stuck open or is defective: Attempt to clear valve by depressing Manual drain switch several times. Valve should be heard every time it is cycled.

Problem >> Fan Operates, little or no water is distilled ….. Causes:

1.Boiler Tank Lid is loose or Boiler Tank Lid Gasket requires replacement.

2.Heating element may be defective.

3.Reset button may be defective.

4.Water supply plugged. See: Boiling Tank will not fill…

Problem >> Distiller does not operate. ….. Causes:

1.Main Power switch on Distiller is OFF position.

2.Distiller is not plugged in securely or circuit breaker is OFF.

3.Reset button needs to be reset. Distiller must be cool before the button can be reset. This reset button is for your safety. It is designed to stop all operation should the distiller overheat. This will happen if the water level gets too low in the boiling tank. If at any time the reset button needs resetting, it indicates that the float switch mechanism may need adjusting, or that the float gaskets may be leaking.

4.Reset button may need replacing.

Problem >> Fan does not operate automatically. ….. Causes:

1.Fan switch is in the Sterilize position.

2.Fan motor may be defective.

3.Holding tank is full—Distiller has shut itself off.

Problem >> Steam escapes through charcoal filter or Charcoal Filter is extremely hot. … Causes:

1.Fan switch is in the STERILIZE position.

2.Fan Blade may have dropped on the motor shaft preventing proper cooling. Steam will be produced through condenser coil instead of water.

3.Condensing Coil may have move down onto Fan Blade.

4.Fan motor may be defective.

Problem >> Steam or water escapes from volatile gas release vent on top of distiller. ….. Causes:

1.The condensing coil has one small hole drilled in the top, located inside the Distiller at the center rear (facing the Distiller). This hole is not a defect, but rather it is provided to release certain volatile gases. Should some steam escape from this hole, there is no cause for concern.

Problem >> Water is overflowing from the Charcoal Filter. ….. Causes:

1.Charcoal filter is more than 2/3 full of charcoal. Ensure there is a small air gap between charcoal and top Filter Screen.

2.Charcoal is old and “Caked up”. Replace with new charcoal.

3.Charcoal Filter grains are to fine. Use Polar Bear Charcoal to ensure correct grain size.

4.Water solenoid is stuck open.

Problem >> Loud noises occur in my water pipes whenever the Distiller fills with water, or Water light flashes on & off rapidly due to a bouncing float in Boiler Tank. ….. Causes:

1.Water flow through Direct Feed Line is to great: Turn down Saddle Valve so that water flows slower into boiler. Water light should come on for 15-20 seconds at a time.

Should problems arise that are not covered in this guide, please contact your local qualified Polar Bear Service Person, or phone 1-780-477-1328



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