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PWS 5-3 Precision Water Distiller

PWS 5-3. Smallest of the automatic fill distillers – Small size – Space saving…. For a safe, reliable, supply of water. Precision Water Distillers, brings to you steam distillation. A pure process of water purification… to produce clean, healthy, drinking water in your own home or business.

Precision Pure Water Distiller –  Model 5-3 –  Counter top – Automatic Filling with storage tank

notice: This model has been discontinued – Fall of 2023

Precision Water Distiller – Model PWS 5-3 – Automatic Water Distiller 3 gallon storage tank. Fully automatic operation is designed with the busy customer in mind, and short on space.

Precision Pure Model 5-3 Water Distiller. Automatic smaller family sized convenience. It has been designed for people living in apartments or condos, smaller homes, or where space and hookup restrictions are a consideration. This unit allows you to go about your busy day with the secure feeling that when you need it 3 gallons of the purest steam distilled water is available at your fingertips, without the extra work and inconvenience of handling bottles. Pure water made in this machine and tank are Fluoride and BPA Free.

Comments about 5-3 distiller…

  • 5-3 distiller is the smallest of the Automatic filling models – having a 800 watt heater. 110V
  • Automatically filled, capable of producing up to 5 gallon of distilled water in a 24 hour period.
  • Storage tank capacity is 3 gallons – designed as a counter top—place machine on a table or shelf.
  • Newer features – larger lid opening, impurity drain, taller boiling tank for better quality of water, oring seal on float instead of gasket, stainless steel water faucet. (faucet as shown in the photo is not included, but you’ll receive the new stainless steel faucet)
  • Constructed of high grade polished stainless steel
  • Includes a replaceable post charcoal filter, and replaceable sediment filter
    • ** A Refillable stainless steel post filter is available for additional cost)
  • Incaloy sheathed heating element. for a strong and longer lasting element.
  • V – shaped boiling tank for easy draining, 3/8 valve for impurity drainage.
  • Overheat sensor to protect your distiller and up front serviceability for easy access to all components

** Note: This item is available for pickup in our Edmonton Store.

—> No Optional features—they are not available to be installed on this model  (such as Features: pump kit and optional automatic drain.)

When the water is boiled, it rises as steam and when it is cooled, it converts back to water… pure water. Distillation duplicates nature’s own process of purification. Distillation is the natural cycle through which cleansing occurs, removing waterborne biological contaminants such as bacteria, viruses, organic and inorganic minerals, chemicals, heavy metals, volatile gases and cysts. Such natural purification removes more than 99% of all contaminants… producing a very high quality of water. Independent Laboratory testing proves that Polar Bear Water Distillers are effective at removing greater than 99% of all contaminants.

For more information on distillation or features of this product please feel free to contact us.

  • Distilling Capacity: 5.0 US gal (18.9 L)/24 hrs  Holding Tank Capacity: 3.0 US gal (11.3L)
  • Height: 171/4” (43.8cm)  Depth: 14 3/8” (36.5cm) Width: 19” (48.3cm)
  • Volts: 120v  Amps: 6.8  Hertz: 60    Watts: 800
  • Shipping Weight: 36 lb (16.4 kg)
  • Warranty: 2 year parts and labor & 15 year pro rated on stainless steel
  • Made In Canada


Mother Nature knows that distillation is the simplest and most reliable method of water purification! A Precision Water Distiller duplicates that method, to provide you with the most natural and purest drinking water to be used in your own home or business.

Obtain the true taste of foods, ice, drinks, juices, and coffee when made with distilled water.

Independent laboratory testing shows that water distillers remove greater than 99% of all heavy metals, chlorine, fluoride, lead, pesticides, herbicides, organic compounds, bacteria, viruses and even radioactive water soluble compounds.  Boil water warnings, floods, oil spills, city water, country water, dugout water.  With a distiller rest assured that your water is safe to drink.

Many people feel blessed to live were we do, where drinking the tap water won’t kill us.  But there is a lot in tap water we do not want to drink, like chlorine and fluoride.  Xenoestrogens (toxic hormone-like substances that mimic the body’s own estrogens have been implicated in breast and prostate cancer, also residues from pharmaceuticals and recreational drugs.  Because of this uncertainty, many of us try to avoid tap water.  Then there are the problems of bottled water, and the uncertainty of where it comes from, how it is made or how fresh.  If water is stored in plastic bottles or in store jugs, heat/sunlight leaches chemicals out of the plastic such as BPA.

Do your planet good… plastic bottles and throw away/replaceable filters are just adding waste to our delicate planet. Don’t waste water to make water. Distillation is the most natural way of purifying water—Mother Natures Way, with a Precision Water Distiller.

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