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Filter 5 micron Poly Spun 9 7/8″ x 2.5″


5 micron Poly Spun 9 7/8″ x 2.5″ Filter, Poly-Spun Sediment / Depth Filter in 5 Micron

5 micron Poly Spun 9 7/8″ x 2.5″ Filter

Replacement Water Filter, helps to purify water by removing particles from water up to 1 micron. This Filter fits most water filter housings using standard #10 or 10″ length filters. 


by Excelpure, Waterite, Blackmaxx

Waterite’s Excelpure brand filter & cartridges feature quality materials constructed with the newest technologies to give you cost effective, providing a complex density gradient and fiber structure to ensure long life and effective particle capture.

Features:  Part Number: PP1005 or # PP10-05

  • Poly-Spun Sediment / Depth Filter in 5 Micron
  • Made from #1 Grade Virgin Polypropylene
  • Synthetic filter media (cellulose free) is bacteria resistant and free of binders or additives
  • Industry standard sizing to fit most 10″ filter housings
  • 5 micron nominal rating
  • Dimensions: 2 1/2″ in diameter by 9 7/8″ in length

 Materials conform to FDA test standards and NASI-NSF Standard 42 for particulate reduction Class ii-V

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