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Membrane BlackMax Waterite 100 GPD


Filter Membrane BlackMax Waterite Vectapure 100 GPD # BME 1812R100

Membrane BlackMax Waterite Vectapure 100 GPD

 Residential RO Membrane/Element

11.75″ x 1.8″ 100 GPD

 Item # BME 1812R100

Fits all Waterite Vectapure and WR series Reverse Osmosis systems and most standard residential membrane housings.

NOTE: this membrane is not to be used in Waterite or Vectapure new V360 and NX system whichs use encapsulated membranes.




Membrane Specifications: 


Other Information:  

Note: Often the small openings or tubes in a flow control valve can become plugged slowing the pure water production rate, it is advisable to replace this part when replacing your membrane.

Note: If your system already used a 75 gpd membrane you can simply replace the membrane but if you are changing the size of the membrane say from a 36 gpd to a 75 gpd rated membrane then you will also need to change the flow control valve to match the new membrane.

The matching flow control valve to the membrane.   

  • 50 gpd rated membrane – The matching flow control valve is a 350ml flow restrictor
  • 75 gpd rated membrane – The Matching flow control valve is a 500ml flow restrictor
  • 100 gpd rated membrane – The Matching flow control valve is a 800ml flow restrictor

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