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Float Arm Assembly Replacement Kit – Model 12D


Stainless Float Arm and Float Ball and seal kit –  Fits Polar Bear Water Distillers, Models: 12D  May fit some Durastill Water Distillers.

Float Arm Assembly Replacement Kit – Model 12D

Float Arm Assembly Kit – Replaces old float system.  Updated with solid arm, and Stainless steel oval float.  New gaskets are included.

sold as a kit:  Includes – float arm and ball, gasket set, and 3 10/32 nuts.

For Polar Bear Water Distiller Model 12D – 2 gallon size boiling tank.  May fit some Durastill Water Distillers.

Assembly Instructions

  1. Turn main power switch on distiller off and unplug cord from wall plug.
  2. Drain the boiler tank. Wait at least 1 hour for the boiling tank to cool.
  3. Ensure Saddle Valve Is Closed. Disconnect the feed line. Remove distiller cover.
  4. Remove boiling tank lid.
  5. Remove old float arm and ball.
  6. Place new float rod into boiler tank.

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