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Honey – Wild Honeydew Forest Organic Dark 350g

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Organic Wild Honeydew Honey, fair trade, raw, unpasteurized honey harvested from Zambian Forest in Africa, full of antioxidants and rich in micro-nutrient

Honey – Wild Honeydew Forest Organic Dark  350g

This Honeydew honey is naturally-healthy full of taste and goodness. Traditionally gathered from deep in the remote, pristine National Park forests in Tanzania. Wild Honeydew honey is a full-flavored floral tasting honey, containing many antioxidants and is rich in micro-nutrients.

Our natural wild honey comes from the remote, pristine forests of Africa. Its origins give it a full-flavored floral taste that will transport your taste buds to the tropical forests of Africa. By enjoying this delicious honey you are supporting sustainable and regenerative beekeeping practices that preserve African forests and fight climate change.

  • Great for your health! Our natural wild honey is packed with antioxidants and micro-nutrients.
  • This honey supports 10,000 African forest beekeepers and their communities.
  • Pesticide free, GMO free, and certified 100% organic.

A product of Zambia. Bottled in Canada.

How To Use It

  • Tastes great on toast, muffins, pancakes, waffles and ice cream!
  • Use it as a sweetener in coffee or tea.
  • Great for cooking! Use it to make marinades and sauces.
  • A great alternative to sugar when baking.

Additional Info

  • Infants under one year of age should not be fed unpasteurized honey.
  • All-natural honey will crystallize. To liquefy, heat in warm water to 45C/115F.
  • Our new glass jar is 100% re-purposable for an infinite number of possible uses. Designed to be re-used.

Ingredients: Organic Wild Honeydew Honey, fair trade, raw, unpasteurized honey harvested from Zambian Forest in Africa, full of antioxidants and rich in micro-nutrient. Packaged in Canada

Size: Net Wt. 12.35 oz / 350 g


African Bronze Honey Company – We work with forest beekeepers in Africa who harvest wild honey sustainably. No pesticides, no chemicals. Just pure, high-quality, real honey – the way it used to be before big agriculture. Our honey is certified organic by EcoCert.

The work of more than 10,000 beekeepers helps protect vital, pristine forest environments that fight climate change. They earn a sustainable income while making these forests healthier for the bees, wildlife and the environment. As a member of the Fair Trade Federation and a 3-time Best for the World B Corporation we use business as a force for good.

Our honey has a unique, delicious taste because of its origins in the miombo forests of southern Africa. With hints of floral, caramel, and a rich robust flavor – you’ll find it makes everything better!

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