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Impurity Drain Valve


Boiling Tank Impurity Drain Valve Replacement. Valve, Angle, STP, 12/”FPT—3/8 Comp Includes: Sleeve, Compression, 3/8” and Nut, Compression, Pltd, Brass. Universal Part fits – Polar Bear Water Distiller, Precision Water Distillers, and other brands of distillers.

Impurity Drain Valve – Replacement Part

Replacement impurity drain valve. Impurity drain valve allows for easy drainage of the boiling tank. Used on many makes and models of water distillers.

Valve, Angle, STP, 12/”FPT—3/8 Comp  Includes: Sleeve, Compression, 3/8” and Nut, Compression, Pltd, Brass

Universal Part fits –  Polar Bear Water Distiller Item# 100079  and Precision Water Distiller Item# 400000     

Polar Bear Water Distillers Models: 26E, 26E1, 26E2, 26M, 26-14, 26C, 26CT, 26C8, 26D, 26D4, 26D8, 42D, 42D5, 42D10, 42D25

Precision Water Distillers Models: 8-M, 5-3, Life Mist, Traveler  Will work with other brands of water distillers, such as Pure Water, Durastill….


** Stainless Drain extension is not included – if needed – you can request one to be added to your order.  We will need to know if machine is a counter top or floor standing.  Addition cost for this item.

Please read complete instructions before replacing components.

Other parts that may be required – order separately:

Part#                  Qty        Description

  • 100152 1 -Tube Drain, Boiling Tank, 26-E1, 26-M, 26-14, 26-CT
  • 100153 1 -Tube Drain, Boiling Tank, 26D-8, 42D-10
  • 101085 1 -Tube Drain, Boiling Tank, 42D-25
  • 30003  1 – Sleeve, Compression, 3/8”
  • 30002 1 – Nut, Compression, Pltd, Brass
  • 1 – rubber washer
  • Tools Required: Adjustable (crescent) Wrench,  5/8” Wrench, Teflon Tape

Assembly Instructions have been included as a guide only.  They are written for Polar Bear Water Distillers.

CAUTION: DRAIN VALVE MAY BE VERY HOT. Allow the distiller to cool   for at least 1 hour before proceeding. Even if the drain is plugged, proceed  to the next step.

1. Turn main power switch on distiller off and unplug  cord from wall.

2. Drain the boiling tank using the impurities drain valve.                                                                                               

3. Remove the drain tube from the drain valve by using the 5/8” wrench on the compression nut and steadying the valve with your other hand. Apply torque to the not only; do not twist on the valve. When the nut has been   remove, remove drain tube. This may require rocking the tube back and forth to loosen it from the valve. If the drain was plugged, have a bucket ready to collect the boiler water which may escape when the drain tube is removed.

4. Remove the drain valve. Use the crescent wrench on the valve and steady the distiller with your other hand. Again, apply torque to the valve only; do not twist on the distiller. If your distiller was plugged and removing the drain tube did not unplug it, have a bucket ready to collect the boiler water which will escape when the valve is removed.

5. If neither of these actions unplug your drain, attempt to remove any debris plugging the drain hole. Again, have a bucket ready to collect boiler water.

6. Dry the drain fitting and wrap about two layers of Teflon tape clockwise (when facing fitting) around the fitting. Screw the valve onto the fitting and tighten until snug and valve points down.

7. Place the nut on the drain tube, small hole first, then slide the compression sleeve over the tube, as shown. Slide the tube as far as it will go into the drain valve and finger tighten the nut. Using a wrench, tighten the nut 1 1/4 turns past finger tight. Do not over-tighten!

8. Test impurities drain by manually pouring water into the boiler and opening valve.  If water drains (it should) close impurities drain valve, plug in and turn on distiller.

The distiller should now operate properly. If it does not,  we suggest you take your distiller to an authorized service representative, or phone 1-780-477-1328 for assistance.



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