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Coconut Charcoal Carbon – Large Jar 550 gm

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Activated Coconut Shell Charcoal/Carbon – Large Jar. To be used with refillable filters.

Coconut Charcoal Carbon – Large Jar 550 gm

Enhances taste and water purity, Activated Granulated Coconut Shell Charcoal or Carbon, has been steam activated to an extremely high temperature. This effectively creates a special high quality porous grade of activated charcoal. This product is to be used along with any distiller to insure removal of certain gases or obnoxious odors, and improving taste. 

Many water distillers come with refillable stainless steel filter. Activated coconut charcoal granules are used in this filter. The charcoal requires be replaced every few months. 

  • Large Jar (550 gm.)   Contains: Granulated Activated charcoal – derived from coconut shells. (Granule Size is 12/40)
  • Loose granules – to refill filter containers
  • What makes it “activated” is the additional process it undergoes after the charcoal is formed. This causes the formation of a large number of very small pores on the charcoal’s surface, which work as microscopic traps to take up compounds and particles.
  • Non-Toxic. Do not substitute aquarium or wood charcoal. Coconut provides better taste.


 We recommend that you change the activated coconut charcoal every 1 to 3 months or approximately 100 gallons of distilled water made. 
1) Empty old charcoal from stainless steel canister. 
2) Rinse canister thoroughly. 
3) Fill canister 2/3 full of new charcoal. 
4) Rinse with boiling hot distilled water to rinse the dust from the charcoal. Do this several times until the water through the filter runs clear. 
5) Replace filter on distiller. Contains: 100% pure granulated activated coconut shell charcoal  

Note: Do Not Substitute any other type of charcoal for use in a water distiller. Never use the aquarium type of charcoal  

To be used with refillable filters: for Polar Bear Water Distiller, Precision Water Distillers, Durastill Water Distillers, Purewater Distillers, Lifemist


Check out internet for other common uses of Coconut Charcoal… charcoal is also available in Capsules.

 Whitens Teeth.  Alleviates Gas & Bloating.  Treats Alcohol Poisoning & Helps Prevent Hangovers.  Mold Cleansing.  Water Filtration.  Emergency Toxin Removal.  Skin and Body Health.  Digestive Cleanse



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