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Megahome Water Distiller – Deluxe Stainless, Black & Glass

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Deluxe Model – Megahome Water Distiller Stainless & Black, Manual Fill, Counter Top Water Distiller, Stainless Exterior Black Lid, Stainless Steel Interior, Glass Container. For a safe, reliable, supply of water. Megahome Water Distillers, brings to you steam distillation. A pure process of water purification… to produce clean, healthy, drinking water in your own home or business.

Megahome Water Distiller Stainless & Black – Deluxe Model Glass Container and Porcelain Filter

Deluxe Countertop Water Distiller by Megahome Finished in Stainless Steel & Gloss Black. Comes with a glass collection carafe, porcelain insert nozzle inside filter, Extra Large carbon pouches and descaler. This is the Deluxe Model so No Plastics or BPA contact with final clean water.

– Manual Fill – Counter Top Water Distiller – Stainless Exterior Black Lid – Stainless Steel Interior – Glass Container – Porcelain insert for inside filter.

Make the Purest Cleanest Water in the Most Natural and Effective Way

Small Size and Lightweight – You can Take it Anywhere


  • «Stainless Steel Boiling Chamber
  • «Sits on any counter top
  • «Automatic Shutoff
  • «Easy to Clean   
  • «Easy to Use
  • «Glass Storage Carafe included

Makes up to 4 Gallons /16 Liters per day


MegaHome Water Distiller gives you clean water at home; there is no need to buy bottled  water. 

It makes delicious water not only for drinking but for all your cooking needs.  Environmentally Friendly!

Distilled water made in this machine does not touch any plastic!

How it works: This little distiller produces the purest cleanest water in a most natural and effective way. When the distiller is turned on, the water temperature rises gradually. When it reaches 100OC, bacteria, and viruses in the water are destroyed. Chemicals, heavy metals, sodium and other contaminants, will be left as a residue at the bottom of the stainless steel  boiling tank. The steam is cooled as it passes through the stainless steel cooling coils. Impurities and unpleasant odors will be removed as the distilled water drops passes through the activated charcoal filter. (** Water made in this machine does not touch any plastics!)

Easy to Use:  Simply add water, press the start button and let the distiller do its work. It will automatically shut-off after completing the distillation process.          

Clean, Great Tasting, Pure Water! 


  • Automatic Shutoff
  • Electrical: AC—120V ~ 580 W
  • Weight:3.5 kg/7.5 lbs. 
  • Dia: 14” tall x 10” round
  • Capacity: 4 liters / 5.5 hours (4 gal/16L per day)
  • Exterior: Black & Stainless Steel
  • Interior: Stainless Steel Boiling chamber, Stainless steel dome and condensing coils.

    Includes: 1 gallon Glass Collection Bottle, Porcelain insert for the Filter Nozzle, 1 jar Cleaner & Descaler and two ex-large sashes/pouches of activated carbon.

    NOTICE:  Charcoal is not included in this distiller as noted in instructions. But We have been able to source a supply of Activated Coconut Charcoal Packets and include  2—Extra large charcoal packets with this distiller. Note Double filtering is not required.

    Notice:   Since 2021 there is an embargo on shipping Charcoal/Carbon. Therefore …. Mega Home Distillers is not including Charcoal packets with any of its distillers. We have been assured that Megahome is trying to find a alternate supplier of Activated charcoal packets that will easily fit into the filter nozzle.

  • Model: MH943SBS+GB
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Made in Taiwan UL,CSA,CE,CB,andGS certified.

Here are a few ways to use your distilled water

  • Drinking, Beverages & Ice
  • Excellent for coffee and tea
  • Use in humidifier 
  • Use in autoclave for dental offices
  • Use to make colloidal silver 
  • Use in CPAP machine
  • Use in iron and other appliances

Mother Nature knows that distillation is the simplest and most reliable method of water purification! A Precision Water Distiller duplicates that method, to provide you with the most natural and purest drinking water to be used in your own home or business. 

Obtain the true taste of foods, ice, drinks, juices, and coffee when made with distilled water.

Independent laboratory testing shows that water distillers remove greater than 99% of all heavy metals, chlorine, fluoride, lead, pesticides, herbicides, organic compounds, bacteria, viruses and even radioactive water soluble compounds.  Boil water warnings, floods, oil spills, city water, country water, dugout water.  With a distiller rest assured that your water is safe to drink.

Many people feel blessed to live were we do, where drinking the tap water won’t kill us.  But there is a lot in tap water we do not want to drink, like chlorine and fluoride.  Xenoestrogens (toxic hormone-like substances that mimic the body’s own estrogens have been implicated in breast and prostate cancer, also residues from pharmaceuticals and recreational drugs.  Because of this uncertainty, many of us try to avoid tap water.  Then there are the problems of bottled water, and the uncertainty of where it comes from, how it is made or how fresh.  If water is stored in plastic bottles or in store jugs, heat/sunlight leaches chemicals out of the plastic such as BPA. 

Do your planet good… plastic bottles and throw away/replaceable filters are just adding waste to our delicate planet. Dont waste water to make water. Distillation is the most natural way of purifying water—Mother Natures Way, with a Mega Home Water Distiller.

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