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Juicer Filters / Liners, make clean-up a snap. Lines the basket, making removing pulp from strainer basket quick and sanitary. Can be used with Omega, Olympic, Juice Factory, Molene, Acme, Atlas Juicers.

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Juicer Filters / Basket Liners – 200 package

These filters will give you a true pulp free juice and let you clean up in seconds.

Sanitary and disposable.

Helps in removing the pulp from the strainer basket quick and sanitary. If the filters are not used the clean up is still easy, but takes a little more time.

There will also be some pulp in the juice if the filters are not used, but the same amount as most other juicers.

These non-bleached cellulose fiber filters can be used in the Omega Model 1000 and Model 9000 juicers.

They can be used on the following Juicers – May fit other juicers: Atlas,  Omega Juicer 9000, Omega Juicer 1000, Omega juicer 500, Olympic Juicer, JUICE FACTORY, Juice Factory 2000, Acme 6001, Acme 5001, Moline 101, Titan Gold 101, Titan Gold 102, Waring commercial 5001C, 6001C, 5001CQ, 6001CQ

Package size: Filters come in packages of 200.

Filter Size: 55 cm long x 7 cm wide  If you have a different juicer than mentioned above.  Measure the basket to check – Filter if too long is ok to overlap – or you can cut them to fit.


Environmentally Friendly:  Our filters are made of cellulose fibers, NO chlorine bleach is used in the procession of our filters, thus, we can provide you with a non-chlorine bleached natural product which is not a source of dioxin for the environment or man.

Important: for maximum juice extraction, when juicing a quantity (more than a glassful) of soft fruits or vegetables such as oranges, grapefruits, pineapples, grapes, cucumbers or tomatoes… DO NOT USE THESE FILTERS.

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