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Lamp – Single Candle Holder Himalayan Salt


Himalayan Salt – Candle Holder A Natural ionizer from the Himalayan Salt Mines.

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Himalayan Salt  – Single Candle Holder

Brighten Up Your Home with a Glowing Salt Crystal Candle Holder. Adds a warm, flickering glow to any room, makes a stunning centerpiece for your dining table or fireplace mantle.

Himalayan Salt is one of our planet’s most potent minerals… a mineral formed over many thousands of years ago when light and energy from the sun dried up the primal ocean.

  • Himalayan Salt Single—Tea Light Candle Holder
  • Weight aprox 2 –4 lbs  (800– 1500gms)  Sizes Range 4” diameter x 3” Height—give or take a bit!
  • Please note: Each Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp is unique and as such, each lamp’s color, size and shape will vary.

There’s nothing quite like the soft, incandescent flicker of a candle. Whether you delight in dining by candlelight or savor their soothing, warm glow while you work or read, candles have long graced just about every room in homes.

Now you can enjoy yet another benefit – very special type of candle holder.

  • Himalayan salt crystal—candle holders— help to counteract the dangers of “electro-smog” in your living environment. When lit, they impart negative ions, helping to cleanse the air you breathe.
  • Their beautiful rich hues of pinks and oranges bring feelings of soothing comfort and support, positively enhancing your mood.
  • Place tea light candles into your Himalayan salt crystal candle holder and the warmth from the candle reacts with the natural crystal salt, releasing negative ions into the air. The longer the candle burns in the salt crystal holder, the more plentiful the emission of negative ions. It helps clear the air and dilute odors naturally.
  • (Beeswax tea light candles are recommended as beeswax also releases negative ions into the air, and produces a beautiful glow… plus they are so sweet smelling)
  • The soothing beauty of my Himalayan Salt Lamps and Candle Holders will fit in with almost any of your décor.

Caring for Salt Candle Holders… As salt tends to attract moisture lamps should not be washed or used in humid situations or outdoors. If they do show signs of dampness lighting the candle will dry them out.  Always use a tea light with plastic or metal cup.


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