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LEG TAPERED – Set of 2 Black Plastic


Tapered Leg, black plastic set of 2 for Precision and Polar Bear  Manual Filled Water Distillers. Models 26E1, 26E2, 26M, 8-M. May fit other brands of distillers.

LEG TAPERED – Set of 2 Black Plastic

Replacement Tapered Black Leg. Used on Polar Bear and Precision Manually filled Water Distiller.

There are four black tapered legs screwed into the bottom of the distiller.

** Note: Price Includes 2 legs – 2.5″ and 2 Nuts, Hex, Stainless ( For Leg Mounting)   (If you need 4 legs order 2 sets x 2=4)


  • Polar Bear Water Distillers #0100057
  • Precision Water Distillers #054010

To be used with Manual Filled

  • P0lar Bear Water Distillers: Models 26E1, 26E2, 26M
  • Precision Water Distiller 8-M
  • May fit other brands and models of distillers


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