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Reverse Osmosis 75 GPD VectapureRO 4053HNX


5 stage Reverse Osmoisis Water Filtration System. 75 Gallons Per Day. Vectapure RO4053HNX by Wateritem available in Edmonton.

Vectapure Reverse Osmosis System #RO4053HNX by Waterite

5 Stage RO System, 75GPD

VectapureNX—The all new residential RO drinking water system demonstrates the next generation of RO technology. The reliablilty and superior performance you have to expect from Waterite’s legendary Vectapure systems has just become better! VECTAPURE NX  systems now feature 75GPD membrane and fewer fittings for simpler, trouble-free operation. Its streamlined design makes installation a snap!

  • Operates at 4:1 = 4 waste water / 1 clean water

The system includes:

¨ 75 gallon-per-day system with manifold integrated filter housing

¨ 1 spun polypropylene pre-filter and 3 carbon cartridges

¨ Encapsulated Membrane  & Module to replace membrane during sanitizing procedure

¨ Hygienic all-plastic water storage tank (3.2gal)

¨ Chrome designer faucet—3/8” tube attached for easy installation and faster water flow.

¨ All necessary installation accessories included: tubing and hardware (water supply adaptor with shutoff valve,  drain saddle, filter wrench)

¨  Includes new Leak Stop—Leak Prevention Device and a Water Line Pressure Regulator 

¨ Limited one-year warranty

Stage 1: 5 micron Sediment Filter—removes dirt, rust and sand particles. Filter life: change 2 times per year

Stage 2&3: GAC Carbon Block Filters—removes 99% of chlorine and organic chemicals. Provides enhanced reduction of taste, odor and color. Filter life: change 2 times per year

Stage 4: Encapsulated Membrane 75 GPD  Removes hard water contaminants including lead, copper, barium, chromium, mercury, sodium, cadmium, fluoride, nitrite, nitrate and selenium Filter life: change 2-5 years

Stage 5: Carbon filter —Carbon removes residual impurities and odors and provides a finer conditioning of pure water, improving the taste.

This reverse osmosis water system is designed only to improve aesthetic properties and is not designed to act as a primary barrier to waterborne, microbiological or toxic chemical contamination. Where these conditions may exist consult a water professional to ensure sufficient raw water pre-treatment and disinfection.


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