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Reverse Osmosis Vectapure 360 by Waterite


Waterite’s Vectapure 360, Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System, 75 gallons per day output, includes quick-easy change colour coded cartridges. Everything you need is in the box! Vectapure by Waterite available in Edmonton.

Reverse Osmosis Vectapure 360 by Waterite

4 Stage 75 gpm Complete Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System #V3604RO

Perfect for the home or office.  

The V360 Reverse Osmosis System is a compact, under-sink residential drinking water system that combines the ease of quick-change colour coded cartridges, with a an impressive 75 gallon (285 liter) per day output. Each system includes all the installation hardware required for easy installation and a space-saving corrosion free storage tank. Pure, refreshing drinking water is always at your fingertips.

Each cartridge is colour coded for easy and trouble-free selection and installation. Cartridges range from sediment reduction, taste and odour reduction, chlorine reduction and a .01 micron ultrafiltration membrane, right through to a unique reverse osmosis membrane.

The Vectapure 360 is a quality alternative to other commercial filters, combining precise filtration and value to protect vital equipment and to keep business operating costs low. Perfect for coffee and espresso machines, ice makers, juice machines or other appliances that are supplied from a tap water source.

  • Operates at 5:1 = 5 product/ 1 waste ratio on tap water

Approx. storage tank size is 10″ diameter, 15″ high

Included: Filters and membrane mounted on pre-plumbed bracket ready to hang. Designer stainless steel tap with 3/8″ tubing attached, for faster water flow ( faucet is not as shown, it has been upgraded black handle faucet no longer being used). 3.2 gallon/ 11 litres storage tank, Water feed valve. Drain saddle assembly and the new water connector with shut off valve tee connection. 3/8″ hose to 3/8″ Tank valve. Mounting screws. Installation & maintenance manual. Includes Leak Stop safety device and a water line pressure regulator

No extra parts need, everything you need is in the box!

1) Blue – Sediment Filter: Dirt and particle reduction 5 mic: Service life 3-6 months  Part #V360112PP-05

2) Green – Carbon Block Filter: Taste, Odour, Chlorine Reduction 5 mic: Service life 3-6 months  Part #V360212CC-05

3) Yellow – RO Membrane: Part # V360312RO-00 (2 to 5 years depending on water quality)

4) Red – Post GAC Carbon Filter – Taste, chlorine and odor reduction 20 mic, Service life 3-6 months: Part #V360412GC-20 (alternate filter Green – Carbon Block Filter: Taste, Odour, Chlorine Reduction 5 mic: Service life 3-6 months  Part #V360212CC-05)

What tools will I need to install the system?

Pencil—Philips screw driver—sharp knife or box cutter—cordless or electric hand drill—7/16″ or 1/2″ drill bit—Optional: small level & tape measure—Estimated install time is two hours.

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