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3.8 gallon Reverse Osmosis Water Storage Tank


3.8 gallon Space saving – Reverse Osmosis Water Storage Tank. Reverse osmosis units need a storage tank because they make water very slowly. … The function of the bladder tank is to collect and store the trickle produced by the Reverse Osmosis unit so that when you put your glass under the spigot the pressurized tank can supply enough water to fill your glass quickly.

High quality Polyproylene ( wont rust in damp areas)

NSF Certified under ANSI/NSF standard 58 for material and structural integrity requirements only.

  • Size:  3.8 gallon
  • Dimensions: 11″ D x 16″H  aprox.
  • Color: White
  • Model # RO-2640P
  • 1/4″ NPTM   This product uses plastic thread. Please install the ball valve correctly to avoid twisting and screwing. Do not tighten too hard.
  • ** Note ** tank valve is not included!   Tank Valve can connect to 1/4″ Hose or 3/8″ hose can be used.

Waterite / Franklin Electric / Excelflow – are Members of the Water Quality Association.

  • Proper tank pressure (7 PSI) must be maintained for the hydraulic functions of the water to work correctly within the RO system. Tank bladders can lose air pressure just like a tire looses air pressure.
  • Water pressure should not exceed 85 PSI to prevent product failure

1. Turn off the RO system’s inlet water line.
2. Open the faucet and allow the water to run until the flow stops. Close the faucet.
3. Turn off the tank valve.
4. Lift the tank. Is it heavy like it has water in it? About the weight of a bowling ball? (If the answer is yes, replace the tank)
5. Check the air pressure of the tank. There is an air stem on the tank similar to the ones on a tire. They are usually covered with a rubber or plastic cap to protect them. You must remove the cap to expose the air stem.
6. Inflate or deflate tank to reach the desired 7 PSI air pressure. You can use a standard air pump similar to a bike pump or compressor. Easy does it with the compressor, this is a low pressure system. Do not over inflate and damage the air bladder.
7. Open the tank valve.
8. Open the inlet water valve.
9. Allow the tank to fill. This may take a few hours. Once filled, see if the system now operates correctly after you corrected the air pressure. If not, see the following:

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