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Rocker Switch RA911 – Distillers #100188&060057


Replacement Rocker style switch On/Off. Small Red/Black

Rocker Switch Red/Black Small – Polar Bear Distillers #100188

Replacement Rocker style switch – commonly used on Polar Bear Water Distillers and on Polar Bear Automatic drain. This part is used in Polar Bear Water Distillers Model 26E1, 26-14, 26CT, 26C8 and on most Polar Bear Automatic Drains. Also for Precision Water Distiller 5-3 water Switch. Also fits most Dolfyn/Westbend water distillers fan and power switch.

Part # 100188 or 060057 or WBS – Quantity = 1 switch – Description: Switch, Rocker, On/Off, Red/Black

Installation instructions for Polar Bear Water Distillers Switch Replacement

Tools Required

  • Red Robertson Screwdriver
  • #2 Phillips Screwdriver

Assembly Instructions

  1. Turn main power switch on distiller off and unplug cord from wall.
  2. Using a Robertson and/or Phillips screwdriver, remove the distiller covers. This will require disconnecting the water feed line on 26-CT, 26D-8, 26C-8 and 26-14 models. ENSURE THE SADDLE VALVE IS CLOSED BEFORE DISCONNECTING WATER FEED LINE. If you are replacing an auto-drain switch, remove the auto-drain cover.

(Recommendation Note: we recommend placing a shut off valve after the saddle valve and before the distiller which makes     it easier to turn off water supply to the distiller, sometimes scaling in the water pipe makes turning off the saddle valve hard)

  1. Compress the clips on the back of the switch to be replaced and push the switch out.
  2. Remove the wires from one post on the old switch and attach them to the corresponding post on the new switch. ENSURE THAT THE WIRES GO TO THE CORRECT POST. Repeat for the other post(s).
  3. Push the switch into the mounting slot until it snaps into position.
  4. Replace distiller covers. Reattach water feed line if it was removed and open saddle valve.


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