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Santevia Power Stick


Santevia Power Stick – Improves Taste – Reduces Chlorine – Adds Minerals – Raises pH. Power Stick is 2-in1 effect: “Shake out chlorine, shake in minerals”, stainless steel water stick

Santevia Power Stick –  improve taste, raise pH

Power Stick is 2-in1 effect:   “Shake out chlorine, shake in minerals”, stainless steel water stick 

Improves Taste – Reduces Chlorine – Adds Minerals – Raises pH

Just add to any water bottle, and POWER UP your water!

Want great-tasting, chlorine-reduced, alkaline water wherever you go? Now you can!

With the Santevia POWER Water Stick, get clean, mineralized, alkaline water from your tap at home, office, yoga studio, gym, and outdoor water fountains.

Simple & Easy to Use

Activate the Santevia POWER Water Stick by submerging it into bottle or glass. Shake or stir for 30 seconds. Water will reach optimal pH and chlorine reduction within 3-5 minutes.

Shake out chlorine. Shake in minerals. No sucking through a filter or squeezing the bottle necessary.

What a relief!


Each Santevia POWER Water Stick lasts 3 months or 180L / 48gal.

You can eliminate 300 single-use plastic water bottles from entering the landfill with each Santevia POWER Water Stick.

Lab Tested

Test results meet or exceed NSF/ANSI Standard 42 for chlorine reduction, taste and odour. Intended for use with microbiologically safe water only.

Keep Healthy, Alkaline, Mineralized

75% of North Americans are chronically dehydrated, while 90% are chronically de-mineralized. The Standard American Diet is acidic and leads to health problems. Combine a nutritious diet, exercise, and lots of Santevia Mineralized Alkaline water to keep your body strong and healthy! 

Easy, convenient way to remove chlorine, add minerals, and raise pH of tap water – any time, anywhere!
Made of food grade stainless steel.
Contains naturally occurring compounds: tourmaline, ORP, chlorine reduction balls, and alkaline ceramic balls.
Lasts 3 months or 180L / 48gal. which ever comes first.



  • Chlorine is removed at 80-100% – Depending on the amount of chlorine in the water. 
  • Example:  if you were to put in swimming pool water – removal would be about 80%.  It would be more like 90% or higher if you are using city tap water.
  • Removal of chlorine is consistent during the lifespan.
  • The Santevia power stick.. removes chlorine as well as increases the alkalinity of the water.
  • A excellent choice to take along to work, to resturants, on vacation or business trips, or wherever you wat to ensure you are not drinking clorinated water.

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