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Solenoid Valve – Pure Water #PW635


Pure Water Distiller Solenoid Water Fill Valve Replacement Item #PW635

Solenoid Valve – Pure Water #PW 635

Replacement Solenoid fill valve, for Pure Water Distiller Boiling Tanks

Item #PW 635 –  Water inlet solenoid with white plastic body and 2 comp. nuts (1/4″).

The Plastic front end can be loosened and twisted to match your machine if needed.

Universal Part fits many Pure Water Distillers:

2000S, Aqua D 2000 (1991-1998), Aqua D Mark II (1985-1087), Aqua D Plus (1987-1988), Aqua Fountain (1970-1995, Aqua Still D (1981-1985), Aqua Still M5D, Aqua Still M6D, Liberty Classic (2006-2009), Midi  Classic (1999-current), Midi D Auto (1991-1992), Midi D ECP (1992-1999), Midi D System (1990-1991), Midi SS-4D, Midi SS-5D. Midi Still D (1981-1990), Ultima 888 (1995-1007), WATT’R Twin (1997-2000)

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