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Sprite Bath Ball Filter Replacement #BBC

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Sprite Shower and Bath Filters, Bath Ball Replacement Cartridge #BBC

Sprite Bath Ball Filter Replacement #BBC

Replacement Cartridge for Sprite’s Bath Ball. Bath Water Conditioner. For a relaxing and luxurious bath.

  • Replacement Cartridge Life: Aprox 25-30 baths (Replacement Cartridge #BBC)
    • ** How long filter lasts – depends on size of tub – and impurities in the water.
  • If you bathe in unfiltered water, every time you step into a hot, steamy bath your body soaks up chlorine like a sponge!
  • You absorb more chlorine when you bathe than you do from your drinking water.
  • Attach this filter under your tub spout for water that’s over 98% chlorine-free.
  • The Sprite® Bath Ball™ is for people who want a quick, mess less way to fill their bath with clean, filtered water.

The Bath Ball filter uses the exclusive, patented Chloragon™ filtration media which removes more chlorine over a wider temperature range than any other. It will eliminate dirt, sediment, scale, iron oxide, hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg) odors and chlorine that causes dry, itchy, flaky skin, brittle hair, eye, lung and sinus irritation. Added benefits are your bathtub will stay cleaner longer because the filter reduces lime scale, mold, and mildew deposits and helps to soften your water naturally (without salt!!) leaving your skin supple and smooth and your hair soft, silky and manageable. It’s pH balanced too!

  • Removes both free and combined chlorines.
  • Compact Design Easy to Install, Hangs from Tub Spout Filter lasts 50 baths
  • Made in US (California)

Makes a great gift for your friends and loved ones.

** How long filter lasts – depends on size of tub – and impurities in the water.

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