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Solenoid Valve WestBend Dolfyn Water Distiller #P51-16 100080


Water Intake Solenoid Valve West Bend Dolfyn #P51-16

West Bend Dolfyn Water Distiller Solenoid Valve #P51-16

Replacement Water intake Valve, Solenoid for West bend and Doflyn Type Water Disitllers.

Universal Part fits –  West Bend & Dolfyn Water Distillers may be used on other brands of distillers.

120V /110V   3/8″ compression inlet 

 Valve draws the feed supply water into the Dol-fyn AR Series automatic Water Distiller.


Universal Part may fit other Distillers such as the following: West Bend, Dol-fyn, A30D, A50D, Aquaflo, Waterwise 7000, Nautilus, Water Distillers.

Intallation:  Make sure you put wires back in the same spot.  the 3 stack of wires on the top prong. Single wire goes on the bottom prong.


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