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Book Banik Choice is Clear


The Choice is Clear, by Dr. Allen E. Banik Read about the vital element that can bring you vibrant good health – or rob you of it! “Water”

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The Choice Is Clear

by Dr. Allen E. Banik
Paperback 48 pp.
Read About the Vital Element That Can Bring You Vibrant Good Health – or Rob You Of It!
Distilled Water, Your Liquid Lifeline to Health Water – it makes up most of every human being- all of the bodily processes depend on it- yet the water we drink is being steadily polluted by thousands of toxic substanses, from disease germs and viruses to poisonous chemicals added by industry or, deliberately, as controversial “medication”.
Tens of thousands of people have turned to different types of “purified” water out of concern for their health. Yet, what are they really getting? And what will it do for – or to- them? Dr Allen E. Banik, author of The Choice is Clear, explains how water functions in the body, what the effects of myriad pollutants in drinking water are, their contributions to disease- and most important of all, what really pure water is and how to obtain it.
Ther’s a mountain in the water you drink. You can consume approximately 450 pounds of inorganic minerals from some tap and well water in your lifetime. This could settle in your vital organs like it did in grandma’s teakettle, causing all kinds of trouble. ¬†Distilled Water is the answer to remove all impurites.
“Men do not die, they Kill Themselves” – Seneca ¬†Roman Philosopher

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