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Filter Sediment Dirt Sand CL6 QC OmniPure#K2305JJ PWS#080054

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Omnipure Sediment Filter, reduces scaling,  To be used with automatic fill water distillers, and coffee machines.

Filter Sediment Dirt Sand CL6 1/4″ QC OmniPure#K2305JJ PWS#080054

Inline Sediment filter is to be used between the saddle valve and your water distiller, on the ¼” Feed line. This filter collects sediment – which keeps water scale from plugging solenoid valves and water inlet, use on any Automatic Filling Distillers.  This prefilter may reduce scaling inside boiling tank. (Must be replaced when water flow is restricted due to particles that build up in the filter from the raw water supply.)

1/4″ Quick Connect – inlet & outlet ports

 OmniPure#K2305JJ Precision Water Systems#080054

Can be used on any automatic filling distillers – Polar Bear Water Distillers, Precision Water Distillers, and others. Can also be used as a prefilter to coffee machines, and other auto fill equipment connected to 1/4″ water line.

Replace Sediment  filter on your distiller approximately every 6 months – 12 months – depending on scale quality of feed water.

  1. Remove filter.
  2. Unscrew barbed fittings and keep them.
  3. Remove the end caps found on the new filter.
  4. Screw in the 1/4 x 3/8” barbed fittings into each end   of the new filter. Push the pre-cut tubes onto these barbed fittings at least a length of 3/4 inch. (If you did not order new barbed fittings, reuse the original set, complete with tubes)
  5. Push one tube onto the cooling coil (If the tube is loose at cooling coil replace tube or use a hose clamp)  The other end fits into the hole in the top the storage tank.
  6. Note: This filter has flow directions —  ‘In’ at cooling coil — ‘Out’ goes into storage tank.

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