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Vectapure 360 Red Replacement Filter Cartridge GAC Post


Filter Vectapure 360 – Red Replacement Cartridge GAC Post, V360 Red Replacement Taste, Odor, & Chlorine Reduction Cartridge. Part Number V360412GC-20. Vectapure Filters available in Edmonton.

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Vectapure 360 –  Red Replacement Filter Cartridge GAC Post

 V360 Red Replacement Taste, Odor, & Chlorine Reduction Cartridge

Part Number  V360412GC-20



The Vectapure 360 Red Replacement Cartridge, is a Taste, Odor, and Chlorine Reduction Filter. Colour-coded cartridges are easily removed and replaced without the need to shut off water supply, with just a quarter-turn twist. With a gentle push they lock in place automatically. These cartridges need only be replaced every three to six months.Its the Fourth filter in the Four Stage Vectapure 360 Filtration System.



  • Flow Rate: 20 Micron
  • Working Pressure (PSI): 30 ~ 125
  • Inlet/Outlet Size: 1/4″
  • Dimensions: 2.5″ x 12″

 The entire family of Vectapure 360 systems share effortless quarter‐turn filter cartridges that change in seconds without the need to turn off the water supply! Each cartridge is colour coded for easy and trouble‐free selection and installation.

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