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Float Gasket – 2 piece Set – Polar Bear


Float Gasket Replacement Set – is a 2 peice set #100067 Boiler Tank Float Gasket, NTear (Black) and 1 – #100066 Boiler Tank Float Gasket, Silicone. Universal Part fits most all Polar Bear Water Distillers.

Float Gasket Replacement Set – is a 2 piece set

Float Gasket Replacement Set – For Polar Bear Water Distillers.  This is a 2 piece set, including the silicone and the fiber gasket.

Set =  1 of #100067 Boiler Tank Float Gasket, No Tear (Black) & 1 of #100066 Boiler Tank Float Gasket, Silicone

Universal Part fits Polar Bear Water Distillers, Models: 26E, 26E1, 26E2, 26M, 26-14, 26C, 26CT, 26C8, 26D, 26D4, 26D8, 42D, 42D5, 42D10, 42D25, 100L, 200L, 180L 

Will fit older Polar Bear Distillers, 6A, 6B, 6C, 12D,  Also Durastill Water Distillers Model 30 and 46 Series Distillers

 Size: 2.25 inch x 1.5 inch  (Center Hole 3/16 for solid arm type float – you may need to make this hole larger if you have old float system which uses a hollow float rod, Careful not to rip gaskets)


Other parts that may be required: 

        Part#                    Qty        Description

  • 100062               1            Boiler Tank Float Washer
  • 15001                  1           Washer, Flat, SS, 5/32×3/8”
  • 100060               1            Float, Brass Contact
  • 15003                  2           Washer, Flat, SS, 5/16” x 11/16”
  • 15001                 2            Hex Nut, SS, 1/4” -20

Tools Required:  Red Robertson Screwdriver, #2 Phillips Screwdriver, Adjustable (Crescent) Wrench, 7/16” Deep-Well Socket

Assembly Instructions

  1. Ensure that all of the parts are available
  2. Turn main power switch on distiller off and unplug cord from wall plug.
  3. Drain the boiler tank. CAUTION: DRAIN VALVE MAY BE VERY HOT. Wait at least 1 hour for distiller to cool.
  4. Remove the distiller covers. On automatic filling machines, also disconnect the feed line and  removing the feed line fitting on the back of the distiller. ENSURE SADDLE VALVE IS CLOSED BEFORE DISCONNECTING FEED LINE.
  5. Remove the nuts attaching the lexan switch plate to the copper studs. Remove the switch plate from the studs so that it hangs by it’s wires.
  6. Remove the nuts attaching the float washer to the boiler tank. Remove the brass contact and it’s washer. Remove   the large float washer and both gaskets, being careful not to bend the float rod.
  7. Place the new silicon (grey/tan) gasket over the studs. Place the gasket over the threads on the screw welded to the float rod, but do not stretch the gasket over the screw head. Ensure the gasket is flush against the boiler wall. Do the same with the no-tear gasket. (black side out, grey side against the silicon )
  8. Attach the large float washer to the studs. Attach the brass contact with it’s washer to the float road.
  9. Attach the lexan switch plate to the studs, ensuring that the wires do not interfere with the float rod or any other components.
  10. Reattach covers. Ensure impurities drain valve is closed. Reattach water feed line if it was removed and open saddle valve.

The distiller should now operate properly. If it does not,  we suggest you take your distiller to an authorized service representative, or phone 1-780-477-1328 for assistance.


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