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Float Rod Bushing Kit #500280


Precision Water Distiller – Item # 500280 – Boiler Float Rod Bushing Kit – Oring Kit. Also can be used on many models of Pure Water Distillers.

Float Rod Bushing Kit #500280

Replacement Float Bushing Kit – for Precision water distillers. Also used with many models of Pure Water Distillers.

Precision Water Distiller & Life Mist Water Distillers – Item # 500280 – Boiler Float Bushing Kit – Oring Kit

For Preicision Water Distillers Models: 8-M, 5-3, 8-5, 8-8, 12-12, 12-20, and Lift Mist: Traveler, Elite, Pro, HTG2 Series, NT Series

For Pure Water Inc. Distillers: 2000S, A-12 (1988-1991), Aqua D2000 (1991-1998), Aqua D Mark II (1985-1987), Aqua D Plus (1987-1988), Aqua Fountain ( 1970-1995), Aqua Still D ( 1981-1985), Aqua Still M6D, Floats, Fountain Classic (2000-2006), Liberty Classic (2006-2009), MD-4 Aqua Clean (1987-1998), Mega Classic (1998-current), Midi Classic (1999-current), Midi D Auto (1991-1992), Midi D ECP (1992-1999), Midi D System ( 1990-19991), Midi SS-5D, Midi Still D (1981-1990), O-rings, Steampure distiller (2010-Current).

Kit includes: 3 bushings, 2 o-rings and silicone compound.

Replacement Instructions

 Remove front cover
 Loosen set screws on actuator bar
 Remove actuator bar
 Remove float rod with old bushings and o-rings (May have to push out from the inside towards the front)
 Clean float rod and insure that the channel is clean as well
 Use the grease provide with bushing kit and grease bushing, o-rings and rod well
 Install onto rod: Bushing/O-ring/Bushing/O-ring/Bushing
 Use float rod to install from front
 Carefully pull out rod while holding the bushings in the channel and re-install rod from the inside of the tank
 While installing, hold the front bushing in place with your fingers
 Re-install actuator bar with float ball resting inside the tank, on the element, slightly push down on the actuator bar until the arm of the microswitch is resting on the body of the microswitch (switch button will be depressed)
 While holding down actuator bar in the positions stated above, tighten both set screws securely. Use a flat head screwdriver (or equivalent) as a spacer to keep the actuator bar away from the channel, should be approximately .037 (1/25) of an inch
 Check operation by lifting float by hand & gently lowering back down.
 Connect power and water. Let unit run through a cycle while watching the water level in the tank. Fan should turn on with approximately 1 – 1.5” of water over the element and water flow should stop at approximately ½ to 2/3 full
 Adjust level if required (disconnect power while adjusting)
 Re-Install front cover


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