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Juicer Champion-Grain Mill Attachment


Champion Grain Mill Attachment

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Champion Grain Mill Attachment

Easy to use Perfect for grinding Oats, Barley, Wheat, Corn Meal or Even Coffee.  

A Grain Mill Attachment Helps You Make Healthier Eating Choices—Whole grains, used in breakfast cereals and throughout the day are a wonderful source of fiber and energy.

A Grain Mill Is Easy to Operate—The Grain Mill  attaches quickly and easily to the Champion Juicer. This eliminates the need for a separate appliance for grinding

A Grain Mill is Durable—Constructed of all die-cast aluminum, the compact mill is built to last. Operated by the Champion Juicer’s heavy-duty 1/3 hr motor, the mill is easy to clean using a steel brush to clean the cutter blades after the front plate is removed.

A Grain Mill Is Simple to Adjust and Use—A simple front adjustment knob makes the mill easy to grind fine or coarse grains such as oats, wheat, rye, barley or rice. The sharp, cool-cutting blades are designed to shear-cut the whole grain into microscopic granules, without the fine dust, leaving bran fiber roughage. 

A Grain Mill Is Clean and Dust-Free to Operate—All ground grain is self-bagged, thereby maintaining a clean, dust-free work area in the kitchen.

The Other Information:
– Flour bag capacity
– 2 cups (you can use your own bag or bowl to catch the flour)
– Hopper capacity about 2.5 cups
– Speed – 1 cup flour takes aprox. 5 minutes (depending on texture)
– Grain Mill Attachment has a 1 Yr Limited Warranty.  

Please note: The Champion Grain Mill is for  grinding DRY grains (for making flour). If you want to grind sprouted grains (wet) you can use the “blank plate” that is included with the Champion.
Not Recommended For: Nut Meats, Dried Beans, Garbanzo Beans (chick peas), dried herbs, popcorn, amaranth, lima beans, oily seeds such as flax or sesame seeds.

Champion juicer is not included.



We are Sorry to say… that after over 40 years, we have discontinued the sale and promotion of “The Champion Juicer and Parts”.

Unfortunately, Champion provides and wants no consumer support in Canada.

So we are sourcing parts from companies other than Champion to service old machines.  Parts are in limited supply.

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