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Juicer Part Champion – Screen Holder


Champion Juicer – Screen Holder.

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Champion Juicer – Screen Holder –


Used to hold your choice of fine screen, coarse screen or homogenizing blank onto juicer body.


Sorry, after over 40 years, we have discontinued the sale and promotion of “The Champion Juicer and Parts”.  Unfortunately, Champion provides and wants no consumer support in Canada. 

The reason is as explained by the Sales Manager of Chamipin Juicers “Good Afternoon Wanda, I’m sorry it took so long to get back with you. I double check and our policy is… we do not ship just parts out of the United States.” 

So For this reason – I would recommend that you look into the Omega Juicer Models 8004HD /8006HD / NC800 / NC900 These juicers also chew the produce (masticating), and press the juice from the pulp in one easy process.  Omega juicers offer true low speed of 80 rpm, where the champion is 1725 rmp.  Omega juicers give you a dryer pulp, Champion is a wetter pulp.  Omega will do leafy items.  Champion you need the greens attachment, which is only good for light use.  Warranty on Omega is 10-15 years depending on model and are serviceable in Canada by Omega or By Polar Bear Health Equipment.  Champion has a 3 year and 10 year warranty, but offers no service to Canadians.

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