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Lid Boiling Tank Complete – Polar Bear


Polar Bear Water Distiller Boiling Tank Lid Complete Replacement Item #100287

Polar Bear Water Distiller – Boiling tank “Lid Complete” Replacement

 Replacement boiling tank lid for Polar Bear Water Distillers

Universal Part fits Precision Water Distillers Models: 26-E1, 26-M, 26-14, 26-CT, 26C, 26C-8, 26D, 26D-4, 26D-8, 42D, 42D-5, 42D-10, 42D-25, 100L, 180L, 200L

Diameter: 5 ”   ( includes: Lid disk, Lid T bar, Lid Spring, Lid Knob, Knob O-Ring)

Please read complete instructions before replacing components.


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100287               1            Boiling Tank Lid Assembly, Polar Bear


Tools Required



Assembly Instructions

Remove the old lid and discard.

Remove any protective plastic coating (this may be a white or clear bluish film) from the new lid.

Loosen the lid knob (turn counter-clockwise). Tip the bar at the bottom.

Slip bar under the rim of boiling tank opening.

Center lid knob over the opening and tighten.

If replacement of lid, and the boiler still leaks.  Replace the Lid Gasket.  As heat and chemicals dry out the silicone seal.


The distiller should now operate properly. If it does not,  we suggest you take your distiller to an authorized service representative, or phone 1-780-477-1328 for assistance.


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