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Motor – Precision Water Distillers Part#510122


Replacement Motor for Precision Water Distillers  – 12 gallon per day models.

Motor – Precision Water Distillers Part#510122

Replacement Motor, spins fan blade to cool steam. For Precision Water Distillers, but  May fit other brands of distillers.

Precision distillers models 12-12 and 12-20, and Gulf (*12 gallon per day models)

Motor – RPM 1550, 115V, HP1/70, 0.9 Amps, Rotation Clockwise spin, 3.3″ diameter – includes electrical wire connectors ( 2 wires come off this motor) 

** Note: Wires and terminals are specific to each model.Precision model.. if you are unsure which to order… Phone us with your model number and we will reference the correct motor for your machine.  Older Precision distillers had 4 wires, this motor can be used, please let us know model? and age? of machine if you are ordering this part.

** Do you need a new blade to go with a new motor?  Some times the hub wares out as well and makes noise.  These 12 gallon per day machine use the 8″ alum blade.

Fan Motor – Heat is the motor’s greatest enemy. Make certain air passages in both the motor and in the distiller are kept open and clear of lint. Blow or vacuum motor and cooling coils regularly.

If you cannot get this motor to sit flush – remove both nuts from the bottom of the motor, then install the motor, but when you tighten the nuts to the distillers frame, make sure the screw mounts are in place. Hand turn the fan blade to make sure it is reinstalled at the correct height, make sure fan blade is installed correctly, so it scoops the air.  Don’t install blade upside down as blade will not cool properly. Make sure blade  does not hit the coils.

Tools Required

  • 11/32” Nut Driver or small Adjustable Wrench (Crescent Wrench)
  • Electrical Terminal Crimping Pliers
  • Wire Cutters
  • #2 Phillips Screwdriver
  • Red Robertson Screwdriver
  • 1/8” Hex wrench (Allen Key)
  • Needle Nose Pliers
  • Flat Head Screwdriver

Assembly Instructions

Ensure that all of the parts that you require are available to you.

Turn main power switch on distiller off and drain the boiler tank. CAUTION: DRAIN VALVE MAY BE VERY HOT. Unplug cord from wall plug and wait at least 1 hour for distiller to cool.

Remove the Distiller covers. This may require disconnecting the water feed line ( depending on age of machine) ENSURE THE SADDLE VALVE IS CLOSED BEFORE DISCONNECTING WATER FEED LINE

Slide the appropriate terminal connector on the end of the wire. The wire should be inserted far enough so that the wire insulation is butted against the inside of the connector. Using the crimping pliers, squeeze the neck of the connector until it is firmly attached to the wire.

Using the hex (Allen) wrench, remove the set screw attaching the fan blade to the motor and slide blade up & over motor shaft. This may require GENTLY lifting the condenser coil. BE CAREFUL NOT TO BEND THE FAN BLADE OR COIL. Keep the fan blade and screw for reassembly.

Disconnect the fan wires from the distiller. Use the needle nose pliers for F250, Flag and Pigg connectors and use the flat screwdriver to undo the screws for Spade connections. Note where each wire was removed from and the routing of each wire before removing.

Using the wire cutters, cut the plastic tie strap attaching the old motor wires to the distiller body and note location of this tie.

Using the nut driver or adjustable wrench, remove the kep nuts on the bottom of the distiller attaching the old motor to the distiller body. Remove the motor.

Insert the new motor in the distiller body and reattach with the new kep nuts.

Connect the wires to the locations where the old wires were removed from using the same wire routes.  If you are unsure of where they should be connected, refer to the electrical schematic in your manual.  Ensure the wires do  not interfere with fan blade motion.

Using the plastic tie wrap, secure the wires over the fiberglass insulation to the base of the distiller where the old strap was attached. Cut the excess strap using the wire cutters.

Reattach the fan blade to the motor. Blade height must be adjusted so that there are no obstructions during rotations. Turn blade by hand to check for obstructions. Reattach covers. Ensure impurities drain valve is closed.  Reattach water feed line if it was removed and open saddle valve.

The distiller should now operate properly. If it does not, confirm that the wires are connected to the proper location by referring to your electrical schematic.

If they appear correct, we suggest you take your distiller to an authorized service representative, or call 1-780-477-1328 ask for service.


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