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Parts Insulation Polar Bear Water Distillers – 26 series


Replacement Insulation for Polar Bear Water Distiller, 26 Series (26E1, 26M, 26CT, 26C8, 26D4, 26D8)

Insulation Polar Bear Water Distillers – 26 series

Insulation helps to keep the heat inside the boiling tank.  

If machine has been leaking, and is now wet and full of scale – the insulation will no longer keep heat inside the boiler making the machine less energy efficient.

This insulation is cut to fit model / Series – as specified.  (Boiling tank is not included)

  Polar Bear residential  26 Series –  model distillers – 26E1, 26M, 26CT, 26C8, 26D, 

** It is a good time to replace all seals, which are ordered separately – Float seals, Lid seals, Heating Element Seal – all ordered separately.




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