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Shurflo Demand PUMP w/2 prong cord (1/2″ MPT) 115V, 60PSI, 1.4GPM #8005-755-155

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Shurflo Demand PUMP with 2 prong cord (1/2″ MPT) – 115V, 60PSI, 1.4GPM, Model 8005-733-155

Shurflo Demand PUMP with 2 prong cord (1/2″ MPT) – 115V, 60PSI, 1.4GPM #8005-755155

The shurflo demand pump installs on the bottom of the Water Distiller’s storage tank. The Pump allows the convenience of having distilled water pumped and dispensed in your kitchen sink The pump allows you to connect other appliances that would benefit from distilled water like ice makers, water dispensers, humidifiers etc.

Shurflo Demand Pump – with 2 prong cord. Price is for pump only, does not include other items to hook up to pantry faucet, ice makers, etc.

  • Shurflo Demand Pump Model 8005-755155
  •  1/2” MPT ports
  • Flow Rate – 1.4 Gallons per Minute
  • Voltage – 115V
  •  prong power cord – plugs into float box on top of the distillers water storage tank.

Can be installed on may water distillers,  Polar Bear Water Distiller Part #080063  & Precision Water Distillers, and other brands.

  • This is a demand pump, it has a pressure switch built into the pump.
  • We use it on the water distillers.  Pumping water from a tank to a separate faucet on the sink.
  • When you open the tap the water flows, when you close the tap the water stops.
  • The pressure switch starts the pump when pressure is released, and stops the pump when pressure is increased.


Polar Bear Water Distillers Models: 226-14, 26C, 26CT, 26C8, 26D, 26D4, 26D8 – use 1100 watt element, 42D, 42D5, 42D10, 42D25, 100L, 200L

Precision Water Distillers Models: 8-5, 8-8, 12-12, 12-20

Will also work with most water distillers.

Confirm that the wires are connected to the proper  location by referring to your electrical schematic. If they appear correct, we suggest you take your  distiller to an authorized service representative, or phone 1-780-477-1328 for assistance.



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